Two Little Stories (and a little addendum)

One: Free Drugs!

So, we were flyering in town, Matty Ralph on his new factory fab el-cheapo busking guitar and Simon on his little ukulele – singing Dylan or something similar. They were walking along the street and stopped at the lights just near our apartment on Pulteney st and we were waiting for the lights to change. There were two groups of people having a beer outside the hotel on the corner. And, one of the ladies from the group asked them to come over because she wanted to book them for a gig, unfortunately the gig was after we leave Adelaide so they had to politely decline. Then, a man from the other table called Matt over because he overheard they were doing a show about Dylan and he was really interested, introduced Matt and Si to his friends and then pulled out a little silver case with some joints in it and said, “would you like a smoke?” And Matt said, “I don’t really smoke, but I’m sure one of my friends will love it, Thanks heaps” So, this strange man then handed matt the joint and said “happy journeys”


Two: Joyride (AKA The Dave Moore Story)

Got home from our first preview – solid half a house of very happy campers BTW – and were totally starving. Nowhere was open, or so it seemed. Everyone gave up except Matt and Jen, who went out to “surprise chef everyone’s asses” with the assistance of the service station up the road. We stopped by “Jackpots on Pulteney”, the local pokie den, to ask about food. Jen braved going inside and Matt hung outside and stuck up a conversation with Dave. On the inside Jen discovered that there is indeed an almost-24hr pizza joint on the corner of Rundle and Frome Sts – quite a walk from where we live. Dave said he had nothing to do and would take us there. And, we think he was going to drop us and run, but Matt managed to encourage him to wait and Dave chatted to Mr Matt Ralph for the half-hour while our pizzas were cooked. About half one Jen and Matt reappeared at the apartment with three pizzas and a story and everyone else had written them off, thought they got lost along the way. But we didn’t. And then, we ate shitloads of pizza and then went to bed.


Addendum 1: Money

A happy audience member slung Matt Ralph $50 to spend on the bar after the show last night.

Addendum 2: Free Ride

Last night after our second performance we caught  a taxi to the garden. Jen sat next to the taxi driver in the front and recognised him from “Jackpots” last night. He was the man who told us about San Giorgio’s, Adelaide’s almost-24hr pizza joint. And, we told him about the play, he gave us a free cab ride in exchange for a freebie on Monday. You give a little, you get a little!


~ by Jennifer Mae Hamilton on February 19, 2010.

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